Sunday, May 7, 2017

The deadline for submitting your family information and pictures has passed.

This DOESN'T mean you can't still submit these items, it means that the research phase is complete... the collection of information on the ancestors of Myrtle and James is complete. From here on the process of creating the first draft begins, which will be followed by the editing and creation of the final draft. As the collected research and information is organized and the rough draft is completed late arriving information will be harder to squeeze into the book. What it means is from here until the book is published you can't afford to wait any longer because the Montgomery-Williams Family history book is going to be bigger than I imagined.

I've collect a LOT OF INFORMATION... back to the location of your ancestors as freed slaves after the Civil War, back to some information and connections to before the civil war, I've found connections to where your ancestors lived during and before the civil war, possible burial locations, and pre-civil war history of their owners dating back to the early 1800s. The locations and travels of these slave owners reflect the location and travel of your ancestors.

153 ancestors and relatives of James (not including descendants), 138 ancestors and relatives of Myrtle (not including descendants), 1 DUI involving a mule wagon and a bowl of soup, two murders (by the slave owners), a prominent minister, a prominent chef, pictures of where the families lived back to pre-civil war days, copies of marriage license, death and birth certificates, census records... and more.

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Somewhere between this road, “Elias Davison Way” and the Monastery(below) lived Edmund L. Davison, and the family of James Pope and Lucinda Davidson. James and Lucinda where the great-grandparents of James F. Williams. Edmund was Lucinda’s slave owner until after the Civil War (probably Kames’ too).
Elias was Edmunds father.

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